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EXPERIENCE CHANGE: Couples Intensive Weekend

 An intensive private weekend is offered for couples who are short on time and yet desire professional guidance. Rather than spending weeks of going back and forth through traffic, from home or work, to your therapeutic sessions, I offer a timely alternative.


Experience the benefit of this intensive weekend, in your own home, or in a cozy getaway close-by your own home, or elsewhere. Over the weekend (Fri-Sun) you will benefit from the breadth of my 10 week program. During the two and a half day weekend you will be able to safely share your concerns and true desires for change, and acquire the tools and understanding of what it takes to achieve these goals and renew your relationship. You'll also receive a swag bag- who doesn't love a swag bag. ; ) 

Rates for the weekend vary based on location and accommodation, prices start from $2,100.

Please email or call for further information.

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